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Is it sticky?

Do I need to use a special cleaner afterwards?

Will it need re-application every couple of years?
It is used on the floors of the London underground going on six years with three million people walking on it, so it should more than hold up to regular foot traffic for a standard business.

Will I get a break on my insurance?
In the UK, insurance companies offer discounted premiums to their clients who have the treatment, so it is a matter of time before it is offered in Canada.

Will you guarantee that I will never have anyone slip and fall?
Although this is a very effective treatment for the prevention of slip and falls, we cannot guarantee this, however this will reduce, significantly, the likelihood of slip and falls.

This must be expensive. We do not have a large budget.
This treatment is very affordable and pays for itself over and over again. We also have very attractive and affordable payment options.

Is it harmful to breathe the vapours when it is being applied?
Although the treatment is safe and water-based, there are chemical components and precautions should be taken. Area should be well ventilated, but the treatment is not harmful if regular preventative safety measures are taken.

What if my tiles are old? Will the product still work?
Yes. Area should be clean and dry prior to application.

Does my business need to be closed or shut down for a day for the application?
No. The application may be done during regular business hours with sections closed off during treatment. It is usually better, however, to have the treatment applied prior to opening of the business or after hours. It only takes a few hours to dry, so there is no need to lose a day's business.

What happens if a tile gets damaged in the future after the treatment has been done?
We can come back and spot treat the damaged area.

Will this change the appearance of my floor?
This will not typically change the appearance, we have experienced in some cases a slight dulling . but before we do any surface we do a test area to make sure that this will not happen.