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Graffiti Remover S


The early removal of graffiti has been proven to help prevent repeated attacks and increase residents’ and visitors’ perceptions of the area. Graffiti Remover S is a safe to use gel specially formulated to remove the majority of unsightly graffiti quickly and safely.

Because of it’s safe design staff can quickly be trained to use it and a minimum of equipment is required.

Graffiti Remover S is a water based gel which is applied with a brush over the surface to be cleaned. It is then left for one hour before another coat is applied on heavily painted or treated surfaces. For bare surfaces the second coat may not be required. For best results it should be applied during a temperature period of 10-30 Celsius. After Graffiti Remover S has penetrated to the substrate of the surface it is scraped off to leave the surface as clean as possible before rubbing down with a scrubbing brush or steel pad and water. A final rinse with cold water before leaving to dry will see the job done.

The surface should be dry before treatment starts. Staff should wear suitable gloves and eye protection.


  • Remove graffiti in less time
  • Ready to use
  • Safe unclassified formul
  • Simple COSH assessment
  • Safe to use on plastics
  • Keeps costs down
  • Use inside or outside
  • Environmentally considerate
  • Low odour
  • Washed off with water
  • Non hazardous
  • Non flammable
  • For especially stubborn or deeply penetrated graffiti we recommend Graffiti Remover XL– our heavy duty graffiti remover. 

Graffiti Remover XL


Graffiti Remover XL is our heavy duty gel formula graffiti remover for extreme areas of vandalism and challenging masonry surfaces. Especially effective against paint and ink on brick, it is applied with brushes using standard protective clothing and face protection.

4Earth Solutions believe that we have an obligation to our environment and we have developed Graffiti Remover XL to contain surfactant components more than 90% biodegradable.

Depending, of course, on the severity of the contamination Graffiti Remover XL can remove the unwanted paint/ ink ‘before your eyes’. It will remove upto 5 layers of paint from both brick, ceramics and mortar, in one treatment!

Graffiti Remover XL is applied generously with brushes and washed off with hot water. The preferred method being hot water pressure jetting.

Best of all is that Graffiti Remover XL does not leave ‘ghosting’- the effect where the previous graffiti can clearly be seen in outline.

4Earth Solutions have a number of products which need to perform beyond the capabilities of a totally environmentally friendly solution. Graffiti Remover XL is one of these and should therefore be used only in circumstances where Graffiti Remover S, our standard Graffiti Remover, would not prove so effective.

Graffiti Remover XL is not designed to be used on painted surfaces as, of course, it’s task is to remove paint! If you have issues with graffiti on painted surfaces a sacrificial coating should be considered as both environmentally advantageous and swift to apply.

Especially formulated for porous surfaces such as stone, brick and concrete it is a specialist product which requires precautions during use.

For light graffiti we recommend Graffiti Remover S– our standard graffiti remover.