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Tractie Antislip

Mineral tile :

Tractie Anti Slip for mineral floors is a unique invisible treatment which will not change the aesthetics or appearance of the flooring in the majority of cases. If you have seen the effect that standard ‘acid etching’ or ‘flaming’ treatments make to the appearance of mineral floors, then you know what an incredible scientific advance our Anti Slip is; it is not a coating or an acid etch.

This treatment is used to treat most porous floor tiles. It is not a product that gets applied and then left to dry (and subsequently wear off). The treatment will change the molecular level of the tile, raising the high points and lowering the low points to create a deeper area for the water to go while creating a larger peaked surface area for the foot to make contact. The effectiveness of the treatment will only diminish with the natural wear of the tile.

This treatment can be done to existing floors or to new ones. If, through the course of the floors lifetime, there becomes some damaged tiles that need to be replaced - we can come in and spot treat the replaced areas. Unlike many of the treatments that are available, ours does not change or discolor the floor. Your floors can be made safer in a cost effective manner with little or no inconvenience to your business.

In independent tests carried out in London Underground, Tractie Anti Slip increased the coefficient of friction (COF) on wet tiles, using the standard pendulum slip test, from 8 to 45 after one hour’s treatment.